What We Do

The homebuilding industry produces wave after wave of economic impact that benefits local citizens, businesses and governments in the community where the homes are built. These positive effects of residential construction are far-reaching and long lasting. It takes a variety of companies to build a house. Developers prepare the land; architects design communities and homes; builders complete the structure; suppliers provide the materials; Realtors make the sales; and banks provide the funds. Within each of these segments, there are numerous smaller companies.

Industry Involvement

Interaction with Government – the Association works closely with governments to develop legislation that regulate development so that we can build quality homes at reasonable costs while maintaining the beauty and quality of life in our regions.

Education – we present numerous workshops and seminars on construction issues, marketing and government regulations. Many of our programs are approved for credit by the National Association of Home Builders and promote professionalism in home building.

Products and Technology – Our membership includes many manufactures who have the opportunity to discuss technology with builders and remodelers. This cooperative exchange of ideas continually produces new and innovative ideas used in today’s homes.

Member Benefits

QCBR provides valuable services and products to our growing membership, which increases profitability, professionalism and consumer value in the housing industry.

Community Programs

Scholarships – QCBR promotes students joining the trades. Check out available scholarships for students in home building industry programs.

Community ServiceComing soon… QCBR is involved with a variety of local charities and community service projects within the community.