Safe Disposal of Construction Debris

Easy, safe disposal of paint, adhesives and more

Did you know? Common materials used in the home building and remodeling process are considered hazardous waste.
This waste must be disposed of properly and legally.

Waste Commission of Scott County provides building contractors—and other small businesses—with an easy, environmentally responsible, economically feasible way to dispose of items like paint, stains, varnishes, adhesives, glue, cleaners and solvents, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), pesticides, engine fluids and more.

Through the Commission’s CESQG (Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator) Program, businesses may dispose of these wastes safely and legally. The Program requires a brief application, and an appointment is required to drop off materials. It’s easy!

Details about the program are available on the Commission Website, under Business & Industry, Hazardous Material. Or, for more information, contact Bryce Stalcup, Special Waste Coordinator, at [email protected] or (563) 381-1300.

Go green! Take advantage of shingle and wood recycling

Don’t toss those old asphalt shingles! And please, save your scrap lumber, plywood and OSB. These materials can be recycled into roads and fuel, instead.

Waste Commission of Scott County’s Scott Area Landfill accepts asphalt shingles as well as wood generated by construction and remodeling for recycling. Shingles get recycled into new roads for Iowa, and recycled wood becomes biomass fuel—an alternative to coal and oil.

Items accepted for wood recycling include lumber, plywood, particle board, pallets, crates, beams, boards, rafters, cupboards, doors and frames, wood siding, fiber board and oriented strand board (OSB). Also accepted are furnishings and veneered items. Paint is OK, but no lead paint is accepted. Glass, metals spikes, railroad ties, and green treated wood are not acceptable.

For more information, visit or call the Scott Area Landfill at (563) 381-1300.